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Land of Legends for Our Future is a coalition of local businesses, landowners, faith leaders, sportsmen, vintners, conservation & recreation groups seeking to permanently protect Cochise County's iconic Whetstone, Dragoon & Chiricahua mountain ranges - our Land of Legends - for our future.


LANDof LEGENDS for Our Future Coalition


Local Elected Officials
Rep. Matt Kopec, State Representative, Arizona Legislative District 9

Ray Carroll, Pima County Supervisor, Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 4
Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor, Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 5
Regina Romero, City Council Member, City of Tucson Ward 1
Paul Cunningham, City Council Member, City of Tucson Ward 2
Karin Uhlich, City Council Member, City of Tucson Ward 3
Demion Clinco, Board Member, Pima Community College Board of Governors, District 2

Local Businesses and Organizations
55 Main Gallery, Bisbee, AZ
Acasia Art & Antiques, Bisbee, AZ
Arizona Faith Network
Arizona Wilderness Coalition
Atalanta's Music & Books, Bisbee, AZ
Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve, Silver City, NM
Baby Gas Mask Records, Tucson, AZ
Bat Conservation International
Bean Tree Farm, Tucson, AZ
Belkis Jewelry, Bisbee, AZ
Belleza Fine Art Gallery, Bisbee, AZ
Beyond Bread Bakery and Café, Tucson, AZ
Bijou Gallery, Bisbee, AZ
Bisbee Bodega, Bisbee, AZ
Bisbee Books & Music, Bisbee, AZ
BK's Carne Asada & Hot Dogs, Tucson, AZ
Blenman Elm Housing LLC, Tucson, AZ
Brooklyn Pizza Company LLC, Tucson, AZ
Cafe Passe, Tucson, AZ
Casa de San Pedro B&B, Hereford, AZ
Casa Maria Catholic Workers Community, Tucson, AZ
Cave Creek Ranch, Portal, AZ
Center for Biological Diversity
Chambers Chambers LLC, Tucson, AZ
Che's Lounge, Tucson, AZ
Chocolate, Bisbee, AZ
Climbing Association of Southern Arizona (CASA)
Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection*
Cochise Stronghold Retreat B&B, Pearce, AZ
Community Christian Church, Tempe, AZ
Community Watershed Coalition
Conecta Los Puntos, Tucson, AZ
ConserVentures LLC, Tucson, AZ
Corky Poster Architects, Tucson, AZ
Cornerstone Tucson LLC, Tucson, AZ
Crow Communications Group, Inc., Tucson, AZ
Doralina Law, Tucson, AZ
Dry River Witches Collective, Tucson, AZ
Economic and Human Dimensions Research Associates, Tucson, AZ
Etcetera Unlimited, Bisbee, AZ
Ethical Fashion Design, Tucson, AZ
Exquisite Designs Originals Gallery, Bisbee, AZ
Finders Keeper Antiques, Bisbee, AZ
Floor Polish Dance Studio, Tucson, AZ
Flor de Mayo Arts LLC, Tucson, AZ
Fourth Avenue Yoga LLC, Tucson, AZ
Gadsden Company, St. David, AZ
Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Tucson, AZ
Happy Paws Baking Co LLC, Bisbee, AZ
Heater Investments, Inc., Tucson, AZ
High Desert Market, Bisbee, AZ
Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ
Howard Paley Photography, Mesa, AZ
Jewelry Designs by Owen, Bisbee, AZ
June Cabat Textile Artist, Bisbee, AZ
K.G. Potters Shop (Potluck Pottery), Bisbee, AZ
K.N.W. LLC, Tucson, AZ
KXCI Radio, Tucson, AZ
La Cocina Tucson, Tucson, AZ
Lathecuts LLC, Tucson, AZ
Latinos for Parks, Tucson, AZ
Law Office of James J. D'Antonio, P.C., Tucson, AZ
Law Offices of Charneksy & Dieglio LLC, Tucson, AZ
Lawrence Dunham Vineyards, Pearce, AZ
Linda Cato Arts, Tucson, AZ
Littlewing Emporium, Bisbee, AZ
Local Meridian Books, Bisbee, AZ
Made In The Shade Landscaping LLC, Tucson, AZ
Mathematical Anarchy LLC, Tucson, AZ
MeowMeow Media LLC, Tucson, AZ
Modern Works Music Publishing, Tucson, AZ
Natural Allies, Tucson, AZ
Naturalist Journeys LLC, Portal, AZ
Old Paint Records, Tucson, AZ
One World Travel, Bisbee, AZ
Overland Expo LLC, Tucson, AZ
Pillsbury Wine Company, Wilcox, AZ
Plaza Liquors, Tucson, AZ
Price LLC, Elfrida, AZ
ProjekK Hair Studio, Tucson, AZ
REA Media Group, Tucson, AZ
Redbone, Bisbee, AZ
Revolutionary Grounds, Tucson, AZ
Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ
Roccos Little Chicago Pizza, Tucson, AZ
Ruby Mines, Cortaro, AZ
Sam Poe Gallery, Bisbee, AZ
Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
Sky Bar / Interim LLC, Tucson, AZ
Sky Island Alliance
Sleeping Frog Farms, Cascabel, AZ
Smith & Dale Philanthropic Counsel, Tucson, AZ
Sonoran Institute
Southbound Studios, Tucson, AZ
Spadefoot Nursery, Pearce, AZ
Tanline Printing Studio, Tucson, AZ
Tap and Bottle, Tucson, AZ
The Flycatcher, Tucson, AZ
The Gardens at Mile High Ranch, Bisbee, AZ
The Gift Basket, Bisbee, AZ
The Gold Shop, Bisbee, AZ
The Seasoned Woman, Tucson, AZ
The Wild Bird Store, Tucson, AZ
The Wilderness Society
The Wizard's Workshop, Tombstone, AZ
Tucson Ashiatsu, Tucson, AZ
Tucson Audubon Society
Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation
Va Voom, Bisbee, AZ
Visit Tucson, Tucson, AZ
Watershed Management Group
Wild Horizons Productions, Tucson, AZ
Wildflower, Bisbee, AZ
Zephyr Tucson LLC DBA St. Charles Tavern, Tucson, AZ

*Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection Member Groups include:
Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest
Bat Conservation International
Cascabel Conservation Association
Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Environmental Ethics
Center for Environmental Connections
Defenders of Wildlife
Desert Watch
Empire Fagan Coalition
Environmental and Cultural Conservation Organization
Environmental Law Society
Friends of Cabeza Prieta
Friends of Ironwood Forest
Friends of Madera Canyon
Friends of Saguaro National Park
Friends of Tortolita
Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association
Genius Loci Foundation
Native Seeds / SEARCH
Northwest Neighborhood Alliance
Protect Land and Neighborhoods
Safford Peak Watershed Education Team
Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
Sierra Club – Grand Canyon Chapter
Sierra Club – Rincon Group
Sky Island Alliance
Sky Island Watch
Society for Ecological Restoration
Southwestern Biological Institute
Tortolita Homeowners Association
Tucson Audubon Society
Tucson Herpetological Society
Tucson Mountains Association
Wildlands Network


Arizona Faith Network
As leaders of congregations in Arizona, we are invested in the life of our community. Many of our parishioners have had moving spiritual experiences in the diverse natural landscapes of our state-on a mountaintop or by a stream or in the open vistas of the desert. This should not surprise us. Wilderness is part of our heritage, from Moses to Jesus to church retreats. While there are many issues that can divide us, there is a growing consensus in our faith communities that preserving the environment, reversing global warming, working for clean air and water, and protecting wilderness are values that we can all agree upon. As we find renewal & inspiration in the quiet places of God's good creation, these values are impressed upon our hearts. Wilderness - God's creation - is our common ground.

Jonathan Hanson, local sportsman and co-owner of ConserVentures, LCC & Overland Expo, LCC
As a hunter, health of the habitat and well-being of game are my top priorities. Only beyond the sound of truck and ATV engines can I feel that I am a part of the chain of life, and not just some observer on a noisy perimeter. As Arizona's human population continues to expand, it becomes ever more vital that we protect the remaining gems in our natural heritage. Whether I am hunting or not, I cherish the chance to experience these bits of the real Arizona-a land of silence and space and nature unspoiled by pavement and steel.

Pastor Doug Bland, Community Christian Church 
All of our sacred scriptures—Torah, Bible, Quran—declare that the Earth is a sacred gift of God and that human beings are charged with protecting and preserving Earth’s beauty and bounty. 


Whether our fellow creatures have two legs or four, wings or paws, fur or feathers or skin, soft leaves or sharp spines, they are our neighbors. They sustain and enrich our lives. We are called to love and care for them.

Howard Paley, Howard Paley Photography
I spent my childhood thumbing the pages of “National Geographic,” “Life.” “Look,” and “Newsweek” magazines. They truly brought the world into focus and wet my appetite for photography. I attended Hoftsra University in New York and graduated from the University of Arizona (Tucson) with a Bachelors Degree in Range Management.


I worked for the Bureau of Land Management on “The Arizona Strip” in the rugged landscapes of the southwest and learned most of what I know about photography putting miles of dirt under my feet and shooting countless rolls of film. I strive to capture the grandeur and beauty of these places in my images.

The Whetstones


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Land of Legends for Our Future

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